Saturday, 31 May 2014

That's it, game entered!

Well that's me finished my prototype game with a couple of hours to spare!!! I have a week's wait to find out if I won anything, but honestly the experience is probably worth it regardless of any prize.

I managed to complete 10 levels, implement a system where the pick-ups functioned as both lives and a fuel / timer, honestly this was something I'd not even considered doing before so working out the logic for it was an interesting experience. with the exception of the art assets here thanks to +Chris Hildenbrand the art work and animations were all created by myself, which considering I'm rubbish at art / drawing isn't too bad I think. My background music was sourced from the incomptech website thanks to +kmmusic.

You can have a play of the prototype game here.

I was linked an interesting article earlier on gamasutra about taking a game from gamejam to commercial release and while to an extent I agree with some parts of the article in that it takes time to develop the game to a full commercial release I believe that it can be done a bit quicker, especially if it's being worked on by a focused / dedicated small team, like we have here at Prickly. So with this in mind I intend to develop 'Escape from the aquarium' further as part of OGAM.

I'll go into a bit more detail and actually provide a bit more structure to my continued development of the game which will hopefully make for an interesting read.

I'm off to relax a bit now, enjoy the game prototype, any feedback is welcome including suggestions for additional content.

Thank you for your support this week, it has been invaluable!