Thursday, 29 May 2014

47 hours to go....

Hi Guys,

If you've stuck with the blog so far this week you'll know that i'm just over half way through the GameJam and now have 47 hours left to submit my entry to the competition. A couple of entries have already been submitted however i'm confident I already have a better game and i'm not even close to being finished, tomorrow will be a long and busy day I feel.

Today i've spent a lot of time sorting out my assets so that they all match / fit in together correctly implemented the life system and also finished off the water blob and most of the game mechanic assets. In terms of mechanics left to create I have to source some sounds, create an old stone fireplace to act as an end of level goal, create a death animation for the flame encountering the water blob some kinda of animation to symbolise moving air currents, some basic water tiles and also an oil slick effect. It seems like a lot but some of them are tweaks of existing images and some are quite straightforward so I hope to be done by mid way through tomorrow. The benefit of spending a significant amount of time on the assets is that each level will be based off a tile-set meaning that new levels are easy to flesh out and I should be able to finish a level within the space of half an hour or less.

Once those are complete I can focus a bit on the story / introduction and then maybe look at implementing the FGL SDK.

I'll leave you with a couple of assets from today's activities to keep you interested!