Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 2 of the GameJam

It's been a long and productive day today both helped and hindered by dodgy net access at home today, not sure what's wrong but I've been able to work through and create a lot more assets for the game.

I have realised it would be a good idea to generate a 'to do list' so that I can start ticking things off and also see realistically what can be done in the time remaining I'll run through what I've been up to today and then at the end of the post list what remains to be done.

Today's efforts saw progress made in the form of new sprites and animations for the levels as well as the fleshing out of the story for the game. basically your a flame trapped in the dungeon of an evil watery blob. The dungeon is part of a structure called the 'Aquarium' and your job as a player is to guide the flame through the dungeons in order to escape. I'm initially aiming for 10 levels, the first of which is a tutorial / guide as to how the game plays and how the flame can interact with the environment (some objects are flammable and can be used to access new areas. A lot of the sprites and animations for interacting with the environment were produced today as well as the title screen, menu, and the first few levels have been outlined. Additionally the core of the levels will be generated using a tile set which is now in place meaning that the only real lengthy process in creating the levels is in the idea generation side of things, all the building blocks are ready to use.

Here's a sneak peek at the title screen, let me know what you think.

Things to focus on for completion are:

Finishing game assets,
Coding key game functionality outside of movement / collision,
Sourcing sounds,
Completing the remaining levels along with the tutorial level,
Updating blog with progress,

Things to include if I have free time:

Polish game assets,
Add additional 5 levels,
Implement FGL SDK,