Monday, 26 May 2014

What happened, what's next?

Hello and welcome back to my game development oriented blog if your a regular reader and if your new welcome!

Initially i'd like to clarify where i've been the past week and why you've not seen my blog updates. Happily it is for good reasons, I took a week off to relocate and move in with my fiancée and set up my home office / work area. It took a while to get set up but i'm back on the work train and what better way to start off in my new environment than with a game jam!

FGL are running a week long gamejam starting tonight (4pm PST) first prize is :

1st Place -
  • $250
  • Mention in the Developer Newsletter
  • FGL Profile Badge
  • Guaranteed Entry to the Bidding Spotlight once the game is complete
  • Free Reviewer Video Impression on the game of your choice
  • 15 First Impression credits
  • 500 FGL community points
So this week will be slightly different to my usual blog entry in that I will document / blog my process once the theme has been announced. Further to the above, If I can work out how to include the FGL SDK into my game then I could be eligible for a further $200.

So I've kept this short and sweet as there will be a lot of blogging done this week.