Tuesday, 27 May 2014

And the theme is........

The theme was announced late last night (for me being UK based) and it is 'burning'. One of the key requirements for this competition is that the game be focused on the theme.

So far I've spent the first half of today mainly working on a game concept and assets in the form of sprites and working out what I want to do with the game. functionality / mechanics.

My initial thought process was to look at the key components of a flame, heat, fuel, oxygen and to somehow integrate these into my game. However time is of the essence and is rapidly ticking away so I felt that having multiple functionality with the pick ups and game controllers would fit in better than overloading the game with too many details making it overly complex and more likely to fail to meet the deadline.

To this end I have created a life / timer system based on the flame collecting kindling scattered throughout the levels, these represent the life of the flame and you collect more to keep playing each new kindling collected adds to the timer. There will be 3 sections to the timer which indicate how intense your flame is burning, the most intense flame being when you have lots of time / kindling remaining and the flame dying out when you have little time left.

Sections of the levels will require you to interact with obstacles such as ice walls which you will need to melt however doing so will remove part of your kindling giving the timer / kindling a two fold effect of being a game length controller and also a resource for the player to inadvertently use to progress through the levels.

My assets thus far are a player flame, and a generic small flame which will be left behind on flammable surfaces when the player moves over them.

I've also animated these somewhat simply but I think the effect is good enough for now, If I find myself with time to spare then I can go back and polish the graphics.