Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Game Project Log: Dr Nanotech 1

Here begins another entry and a new project in my ongoing development.

First up a bit about the Game Jam on FGL. Sadly I didn't place in the top 3 with my game prototype 'Escape from the Aquarium' however the experience as a whole along with the rapid prototyping of an idea through to working prototype I feel was an invaluable one. Looking at the entries that placed in the top three I feel that my game wasn't that far off. I think there were a few aspects that my game lacked namely multi browser support (the game only ran smoothly on Google Chrome) and there were a few polishing issues regarding jump / fall speed, I used boxed collision rather than pixel perfect and using the rope the animation and the transporting of the character could have been timed better to fit in with the animation.

I also feel that if I'd added a form of currency / upgrade system it would have also added to the game.

So things to work on / fix going forward and as I said a valuable learning experience nonetheless.

I stumbled upon the one game a month website where your challenge is to make a game a month... sounds like a lot of time but this is a full and complete game rather than a prototype you'd expect to find in a gamejam type event. It is also unlike the FGL's event where it's an endeavour to push yourself to produce something rather than aiming for a prize. It is also themed but your link in to the theme can be pretty loosely tied to it, June's theme is 'Doctor'

I'll be entering my first 1GAM this month and working on some ideas. Going to try something a bit different this time around and target android initially, it's a relatively simple matter to then port to HTML5 and IOS using gamemaker studio anyway.

I'm using Dr Nanotech as a running title for the game at the moment, but more to follow.